Hello! I’m Steph and I’m a Toronto-based freelance writer. From essays to website copy to blogs, if you want someone who can create authentic and engaging content, I’m your gal.

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My Services


A poignant personal essay. A digital newsletter. A letter to your long-lost lover. Whatever it is, I can write it.


An expert storyteller, I can write engaging blog posts that will make people read until the very. last. word.


Can’t think of a snappy caption for your latest Instagram post? Let me do it for you.


Need a company description or update to your bio? I can do that too.

Wondering if I can do something that you don’t see listed here? I probably can. Send me a note to find out how we can work together.

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Here are some things I’ve written.

I sent my kids back to daycare during Omicron. Making the decision was excruciating (Insider)

I’m Obsessed With Pointing Out Famous Jews to My Jewish Kid (Kveller)

I survived breast cancer and should be thriving. But it’s not so simple. (The Lily/Washington Post)

Lockdown or not, I’m never doing crafts with my kids again (Today’s Parent)

How to Explain Christmas to Your Jewish Kid (Today’s Parent)

I Had Postpartum Depression and Swore I’d Never Have More Kids. Now I’m Pregnant (Today’s Parent)

My Son Made it Through His First Week of Daycare But I Barely Survived (Today’s Parent)

What it’s Like to Hear ‘Breast is Best’ When You Literally Don’t Have Breasts (Today’s Parent)

How I Potentially Risked my Life to Become a Mom (ELLE Canada)

How I Finally Discovered What’s On the Other Side of Fear (ELLE Canada)

What It’s Like to Have Hot Flashes in Your 30’s (ELLE Canada)

How Cancer Changed My Plans for Motherhood (Huffington Post Canada)

How I Found my New Calling (ELLE Canada)

6 Lessons Learned from a Social Media Cleanse (ELLE Canada)

How I Became a Zen Master (ELLE Canada)

My Struggle to Feel Feminine After Battling Breast Cancer (ELLE Canada)

How I Learned New Life Lessons in an Improv Class (ELLE Canada)

Stephanie Gilman Photographs her Grateful Moments (ELLE Canada)

Drawing New Conclusions (ELLE Canada)

Stephanie Gilman Walks on the Edge (ELLE Canada)

My Spiritual Retreat (ELLE Canada)

My Journey to Find a New Life After Cancer (ELLE Canada)

It’s Not a Pink Ribbon That Reminds Me of Breast Cancer (Huffington Post Canada)

Cancer and Thunder: Learning Life’s Hard Lessons (Huffington Post Canada)

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Want to work together or just say hello? Email me or use this handy dandy form.

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